Dardo (Indicators for software development)


The system seeks to continuously improve the development process, making more accurate estimates using as main reference of the measurement and evaluation of staff efficiency.

The system allows:

  1. To automate the process of measurement of the project with the calculation of time for every task.
  2. Performs the planning with an algorithm of artificial intelligence.
  3. Manage in an objective way all your resources.

Performs the revisions of your projects in a faster way, the system shows a graphical projection of every project taking as a reference what has been planned and the real situation, and shows the activities that are pending, in process and already made.




Our service of GPS, allows to locate units in different places, since the system of Geolocation facilitates monitoring.

Ideal for:

  • Vehicles
  • Public transport
  • Taxis
  • Freights

Quick Meeting


Quick Meeting is a technology platform that manages the Business Meeting to be held at events where the main purpose is to bring together several business entrepreneurs with the aim of doing business.

The system includes allocation of tables of meetings between buyers and sellers, through a portal that facilitates the registration of companies and individuals representing the companies, control of networking will take place in the event.

Electronic Invoices


  • Captures the information of your clients and elaborates the invoice.
  • Perform the invoice under the rules of the SAT in files XML and Pdf.
  • Enter from any computer.
  • Compatibility with major browsers on the market.
  • Send your proof by email automatically.


  • Capture customer data only once.
  • Make your receipts for fees under the rules of SAT in XML files and PDF.
  • The system is hosted in the cloud, facilitating their access to the system at any time, you only need to be connected to an internet network.
  • Customize the system and Fees receipts with your company logo.

Mi PbR

It is a Computer Integrated Solution based on Logical Framework Methodology (MML) and Indicator Matrix (MIR) that facilitates the tasks of controlling and monitoring indicators, in order to fulfill and improve the PbR (Presupuestos base Resultados) in the Governments of the States and municipalities, in the Decentralized Public Organizations, Government Institutions, Institutions of Higher Education and Research, this application generates the reports required by the supervisory authority , and complies with the General Government Accounting Act (LGCG).