Dardo (Indicators for software development)


The system graphically displays the behavior of real-time project based on planned, seeks to continuously improve the development process, making more accurate estimates using as main reference for measuring and evaluating the efficiency of staff.






Route (GPS) It is a platform, reliable and robust satellite tracking, enabling increased business productivity, decrease costs and improve profit margin.




Point of sale


A tool that enables business automation and control of administrative processes sales, employees and suppliers, obtaining real-time information to support decision making, This software has different modules including the electronic invoicing and receipt of fees.




Quick Meeting


It is an excellent tool for managing business meeting between buyers and suppliers.

Manages the Business Meeting effectively through a portal that streamlines registration and maximizes the opportunity for negotiation between employers.





innovative system that enables rightsizing calculation and planning, monitoring and control of goods. It allows you to maximize the transport capacity, generating estimated times of loading and unloading the goods, It shows the graphical representation in 3D model space utilization load





It is an interactive application oriented entertainment through certain electronic devices, It is an innovative strategy that was planned as a new way of teaching through video games, helps develop motor skills and intellectual.




Mi PbR

Integral is a software solution based on Logical Framework Methodology (MML) and Indicator Matrix (MIR) which facilitates the tasks of controlling and monitoring indicators , in order to meet and improve RBB (Results based budget) of the government.





Innovative software to generate business remotely and manage contact sellers which allow them to create value to organizations




VLS Veicle Logistic System

It is a specialized software tool for planning and operation logistics vehicles.

Adequate to meet the requirements of automakers, dealers, logistics providers and vehicle management market.




(CIA) Harmonized Inventory Control

It is a tool that allows public authorities have a reliable inventory, where they can see the most relevant and updated information, this allows to know the real value of their assets .





Excellent application for all people looking for a place to eat, make reservations, order food delivery, all in the shortest possible time through any mobile payments are simple and easy and accessible as you can pay by credit card or debit card online.