About us


We are a software developer company, our goal is to offer products and services that meet the technology needs of our clients, allowing the automatization of their processes, reducing costs, obtaining reliable information and enabling it to boost its growth.


We are a company that promotes the research, Innovation, and technology development to create and improve quality software that increases with our products performance , and competitiveness of different kind of users..


Be a world class organization that provides products and services of Software with the highest standards of quality, commitment and efficiency for the benefit of our customers, taking as a basis the research, innovation and technological development.

Research and innovation

Para SmartSoft America BA, Research and innovation are part of their corporate philosophy, so the interior constitute a central area of ​​each of the tasks carried out.

Because of its importance, since the creation of the company sought to obtain the RENIECYT (National Register of Institutions and Scientific and Technological Enterprises), to the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).

Registration was obtained 2010 and since then they have been obtained 5 projects within the Program of Incentives for Innovation (PEI), which they have been developed jointly with recognized Higher Education Institutions.

In this commitment SmartSoft America BA, welcomes students from different careers related to Information Technology and Communication, models of dual education at their disposal Institutions of Higher Education.